Monday, December 9, 2013

Save the Dates/Engagement Pictures

Ok, so I have a horrible Pinterest bug. Like really bad. I'm obsessed with almost EVERYTHING on there.... clothes I can never have, foods I will never make, realities I will never live in. But the worst part is, I CAN'T stop. When I get up, I have to start the day with just a little pinning... "One more pin and then I can stop." Is there a rehab for this? ha.
But, while amidst my pinning addiction, I found a TON of adorable save the dates/engagement pictures. And nope, I'm not engaged, BUT my boyfriends sister is. And she's in need of someone to take pictures. And guess who has a camera! Guess who loves taking pictures! Guess who LOVES taking pictures for people and editing them! Yup, you guessed it... me!
So we finally decided on the date to do it, found some cute ideas, and now we're finally ready to take pictures.
I couldn't help it- I also have a Michael's Craft store addiction too- and I bought a bunch of cute little props for the shoot. Nicole has NO idea of all the cute stuff I found, and I can't WAIT to use them.
The best part is, once we finish the shoot, I plan to quickly edit the pictures and have them ready for Christmas. I ALSO plan to take the props we use and put them into a shadow box for her for a Christmas present (pictures to come).
I cannot WAIT to do this. I hope the expectation is as good as the reality is!
Here are some of the props I have:

and obviously I had to paint them white because it had to match the "&" symbol.

And I also have some others but they'll look better once I have the text on them. I think we're going to use their dog, so I'm going to have one of the signs say "My humans are getting married"and another one will say the date they're getting married. And I also hope to get some scrabble letters so we can write stuff :]
Either way, I'll post pictures once they're taken this Sunday.

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